6:30pm Planning Board

Thu, Jul 18, 2019

Town Offices

FINAL AGENDA July 18, 2019



6:30 PM

CALL TO ORDER, determination of quorum


Updates to AGENDA:


MINUTES: 10/5/17 for acceptance



+ Introduce new Planning Board members James Conrad and Brian Normoyle

+ Special guests: Land Use Attorney, John Lyons, Esq., and Planner Matthew Rudikoff

Selina Woodstock Real Estate LLC, SPR# 19-0359A (on agenda below):

+ Plannerís Memo of 6/20/19, updated 7/18/19 with site visit photos of 5/24/19

+ Zoning Board of Appeals Interpretation for James D. Cohen in connection with proper issuance of building permits

+ Transmittal letter and Plannerís memo to Victoria Polidoro, Esq.

Emails in connection with Colby + Blair Reynolds/Kathleen Moran, PB# 19-1211:

                + Keiko Sono regarding use of pond

+ Addendum correspondence for the record from contiguous neighbor Margaret Doocey neighbor regarding parcel ownership

Letters in connection with 1105 Rte 28 LLC, SPR#18-0367/SUP#18-0472:

+ Bart Lansky to New York State Department of Transportation with new site plan and request for comment

+ Ulster County Department of Public Works to Planning Board with comments on the site plan

+ Determination from Zoning Enforcement Officer in connection with Laurelside LLC, SPR# 19-0376 (see unfinished business below)

+ Determination from Building Inspector on use of Waterfall Way property for flea markets and events

+ Paul Shultis, Jr. resignation from Planning Board

+ Request for approval from Judith Kerman for continuing education credits for upcoming Americans with Disabilities Act webinar

+ New York Zoning Law and Practice Report, May/June 2019






6:35 PM

HERBERT WILBER, SUP# 19-0486: Second sketch plan review of Special Use Permit application to install a pre-fab 26 ft X 30 ft steel storage shed (over 300 square feet) in the R3/R5 Zoning District and partially in the Scenic Overlay District located at 11 Ashley Lane in Lake Hill, SBL# 15.3-6-15. SEQR: TBD. Rep: applicant; PB Case Rep: Conor Wenk




Discussion requested by Victoria Balentine in connection with JERRY + VICTORIA BALENTINE, SUP# 19-0483  



SELINA WOODSTOCK REAL ESTATE LLC, SPR# 19-0359A: Second sketch plan review of Site Plan Review application to modify existing site plan (formerly The Lodge) to make parking and landscape changes and increase building area by 25% in the R3 zoning district located at 20 Country Club Lane in Woodstock, SBL# 27.14-2-15.100. SEQR: TBD. Reps: Jess Walker, Walker Architecture and Victoria Polidoro, Esq.; PB Case Reps: to be assigned



NORMAN + DEBORAH CORENTHAL/ERICA E. PICKHARDT + BARBARA PICKHARDT TRUST, PB# 19-1212: Public Hearing for Lot Line Revision application for 3 existing lots. Corenthal: transfer 1.958 acres from E. Pickhardt and 0.178 acre from Pickhardt Trust to create new 3.064-acre lot including a 50-ft right of way; E. Pickhardt: transfer 0.075 acre to Pickhardt Trust and transfer 1.958 acres to Corenthal to eliminate existing 2.033-acre lot. Pickhardt Trust: transfer 0.075 acre from E. Pickhardt and transfer 0.178 acre to Corenthal to create new lot of 1.052 acres. All parcels located in the R1.5 Zoning District at 22 Patricia Ln, SBL# 27.10-4-6; Vacant lot, SBL# 27.10-4-3.200; and 8 Patricia Ln, SBL# 27.10-4-38 in Woodstock. Rep: Chris Zell, PLS, Brinnier + Larios, PC; PB Case Reps: none assigned



ROTRON MANJUFACTURING CO., INC., SPR# 252A: Sketch plan review of Site Plan Review application to modify and add to the existing site plan; construct a 15,201 square-foot manufacturing building in the LI zoning district located at Hasbrouck Lane in Woodstock, SBL# 27.18-5-4. SEQR: TBD. Rep: Matt Cline and Sterling (Bud) Atkins; PB Case Reps: to be assigned



WOODSTOCK PUBLIC LIBRARY DISTRICT, SPR# TBD: Pre-Sketch Conference for possible Site Plan Review application to replace existing library building with new construction/public library building in the HR, HC, and Hamlet Preservation Overlay zoning districts located at 5 Library Lane in Woodstock, SBL#s 27.54-2-8, 27-54-2-9, and 27.54-3-26. SEQR: TBD. Rep: Jill Fisher, Board Member and Stephen Tilly, Architect; PB case reps: to be assigned



WITTENBERG SPORTSMENíS CLUB, SPR#18-0369/SUP#18-0476: New site plan for Site Plan Review and Special Use Permit applications for construction of a new clubhouse for non-profit recreational club with associated septic, well, and parking in the R8 zoning district located at 87 Montoma Lane in Wittenberg, SBL# 26.4-1-16. SEQR: TBD. Rep: Paul Economos. PB Case Reps: Judith Kerman and Peter Cross



Approve draft resolutions for:



+ Sign Voucher from land use attorney, John Lyons, for work on Selina (on agenda above)