7:00pm Town Board meeting

Tue, Nov 12, 2019

Town Offices



7:00PM, TUESDAY, November 12th, 2019

Town Offices, 45 Comeau Drive











7:15pm: Ken Panza-Aquifer Protection







Laura Lane

Hire Planning Board

Hire Custodial Department

Public Hearing: Local Law #2 of 2005

Highway Department Termination



Whereas, the Town of Woodstock maintains as a public road Laura Lane and,

Whereas, the town has entered into discussions with Joseph Belluck concerning a property exchange which would be mutually beneficial and,

Whereas, Belluck, in consideration for the exchange, would cover all expenses required for the exchange to occur including survey, subdivision, deeds, recording and legal expenses including all expenses incurred by the Town in completing the exchange and,

Whereas, Belluck is in the process of completing the subdivision process necessary for the exchange to occur and,

Whereas, Belluck has also has prepared all survey maps and legal descriptions necessary to complete the exchange and,

Whereas, the Town Board has determined that the proposed exchange on the terms set forth herein is in the best interests of the Town, and,

Whereas, the legal description of the lands to be exchanged between Joseph H. Belluck and the Town of Woodstock are attached hereto as parcels A, B, C, D and E.

NOW THEREFORE, it is resolved as follows:

1. Upon Belluck's completion of the subdivision process and payment of all expenses incurred and to be incurred by the Town, Supervisor Bill McKenna is authorized to execute and receive all documents necessary for the property exchange to be completed and it is further

2 Resolved that this exchange of real property is subject to a permissive referendum and the Town Clerk is hereby directed to provide the necessary public notice of this resolution.


BE IT RESOLVED, to hire Melissa Gray as Planning Board Typist, at a rate of $20.92, effective November 18th, 2019.


BE IT RESOLVED, to hire Rufino Herrera as Full-Time Laborer, at a rate of $16.36, effective November 11th, 2019.


BE IT RESOLVED, to schedule a public hearing to amend Local Law #2 of 2005, a local law regulating traffic signage on Town roads, to add stop signs at the intersection of Rowe Road and Rowe Court and the intersection of Tinker Street and Tinker Street II, for November 19th at 7:45 pm at the Town Offices at 45 Comeau Drive, Woodstock and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, to authorize the Town Clerk to advertise said public hearing.


BE IT RESOLVED, that in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulations, the employment of Kevin Moore is terminated, effective November 8th, 2019 for failure to complete the probationary period.