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Ethics Board


The Ethics Board of the Town of Woodstock consists of five members appointed by the Town Board for staggered terms of three years. No more than two members of the Ethics Board may be of the same political party, and no more than one member may be an appointed officer or employee of the Town. The Board elects a Chairperson from among its members.
The Ethics Board was established pursuant to Local Law No. 1 of the year 2000, the Ethics and Disclosure Law of the Town of Woodstock, to administer and enforce the provisions of that Local Law. The purposes of the Ethics Law are:

  • To establish standards of ethical conduct for officers, employees and consultants of the Town.
  • To provide officers and employees of the Town, whether elected or appointed, paid or volunteer, with clear guidance on such standards.
  • To promote public confidence and integrity in the agencies and administrative offices of our local government.
  • To facilitate the consideration of potential ethical problems before they arise, to minimize unwarranted suspicion, and to enhance the accountability of government to the people by requiring public disclosure of financial interests that may influence or be perceived to influence the actions of Town officers and employees.
  • To provide for the fair and effective administration of this Local Law.

The full text of the Ethics Law is available from the office of the Woodstock Town Clerk or can be downloaded by visiting the Forms and Laws Page of this website. A summary of the Ethics Law is also available from these sources.
The Ethics Board meets as often as needed, on an as-needed basis, but in no event shall it meet less than two times per year.
The Ethics Board may be contacted by letter, addressed to:

Ethics Board
Town of Woodstock
45 Comeau Drive
Woodstock, NY 12498

James Dougherty
Term: 12/31/20
Paul Washington
Term: Expires 12/31/21
Allison Dodd
Term: Expires 12/31/21
Iris York
Term: Expires 12/31/19
Neil Ratner
Term: Expires 12/31/20
Chair, Woodstock Ethics Board
Paul Washington
45 Comeau Drive
Woodstock, NY 12498
Ethics Complaint Form (DOCX - 10.6 KB)