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Comeau Stewardship Advisory Committee (CSAC)


Excerpt from
Comeau Stewardship Management Plan 

Final: Thursday, September 22, 2011  

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A.    Comeau Stewardship Advisory Committee ("CSAC"): There shall be a Comeau Stewardship Advisory Committee to provide advice to the Town Board and WLC regarding the Comeau Property and its stewardship pursuant to the Conservation Easement.

1.    The CSAC shall:
a)    provide advice to the Town Board and WLC regarding current uses, and all proposed new uses of and improvements on the Comeau Property;
b)    provide advice to the Town Board and WLC regarding proposed amendments and revisions to the Stewardship Plan;
c)    with the approval of the Town Board, undertake fundraising activities for the benefit of the Comeau Property and for the purpose of funding maintenance, improvement, environmental protection, education, and preservation of the Comeau Property;
d)    assist in mobilizing volunteers to assist in the maintenance, improvement, environmental protection, education, or preservation of the Comeau Property, and
e)    shall generate recommended design standards, best management practices, and rules for the Comeau Property, for consideration by WLC and the Town Board, as provided in Paragraphs IV.G.3, V.A. and V.B.
2.    No power granted to the WLC or retained by the Town Board as set forth in the Conservation Easement is granted to the CSAC. The CSAC's role is purely advisory.
3.    The CSAC shall consist of seven volunteer members appointed by resolution of the Town Board. It should incorporate as broad a cross-section of community members as possible. Members should be willing and able to assist with the monitoring, management, and development of the standards, best practices, and other guidance in this stewardship plan. Only residents of the Town shall be eligible for appointment as members of the CSAC.
4.    The appointment of members to the CSAC shall be for terms so fixed as to expire at the end of a calendar year. At the time of the establishment of the CSAC, the terms of appointment shall be as follows: four members shall be appointed to hold office for a term of two years; three members shall be appointed to hold office for a term of one year. All subsequent appointments, other than appointments to fill vacancies occurring other than by the expiration of a term of office, shall be made for a term of two years. A vacancy, occurring other than by the expiration of a term of office, shall be filled only for the remainder of the unexpired term. The CSAC is encouraged to explore the issue of term limits for it members.
5.    The CSAC will select its own chairperson with the approval of the Town Board. The CSAC will prepare its vision, mission and goals statement; it shall decide on its own procedural rules, and conduct business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; it shall provide a preliminary agenda and recorded minutes of its meetings; it shall meet no less than once in every two calendar months. All meetings of the C.S.A.C. shall be conducted in accordance with the NYS Open Meetings Law.

6.    The members of the CSAC shall receive no compensation for their services as members thereof.

7.    The members of the CSAC, upon written authorization by the Chairperson, may submit a written request to the Town Board for reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of their duties according to the standard town practices.. The Town Board may provide for payment of such other expenses as the Town Board shall, by resolution, approve as necessary and proper.

B. Planning
1.    The Stewardship Plan shall be updated no less often than every 20 years. The CSAC shall propose to the Town Board recommended revisions and updates to the Stewardship Plan.
2.    Any proposed Stewardship Plan amendment shall be provided to the CSAC. The CSAC shall have 30 days within which to provide written comments and an advisory recommendation to the Town Board.
C.    Educational Opportunities. The CSAC shall encourage use of the Comeau Property for educational purposes.

D.Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). The CSAC will coordinate the implementation of the NRI through:

1.    Compiling studies pertaining to the Comeau.

2.    Coordinating volunteer activities that provide information for the NRI.
3.    Coordinating activities to identify and obtain funding for conducting an NRI.

Jeffrey Viglielmo
Term: Expires 12/31/19
Jim Hanson
Term: Expires 12/31/20
Tony Giaimo
Term: Expires 12/31/20
Patricia Jackson
Term: Expires 12/31/20
Kathy Longyear
Term: Expires 12/31/19
Lisa Bonk
Term: 12/31/19
Paula Miller
Term: 12/31/20
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